Cat C-11 C-13 C-15 C-16 C-18 Acert On-Highway Engine Manual

Cat C-11 C-13 C-15 C-16 C-18 Acert On-Highway Engine Manual

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Cat C-11 C-13 C-15 C-16 C-18 Acert On-Highway Engine Service Repair Manual on CD

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Loaded with Hi Resolution illustrations, instructions, photos, and diagrams, complete to service and repair your Cat. Read and print pages directly from the CD, or copy the entire manual to your hard drive.

Covers 8846 Pages

Models Covered :

Cat C-11
Cat C-13
Cat C-15
Cat C-16
Cat C-18
2004 C9 Acert
2004 C15 Acert
2004 C11 C13 Acert
2007 C9 Acert
2007 C7 Acert
2007 C15 Acert
2007 C13 Acert
Serial Numbers :

KCA1-Up (Engine)
W1A1-Up (Engine)
KCB1-Up (Engine)
MTB1-Up (Engine)
BKD1-Up (Engine)
CPD1-Up (Engine)
G3E1-Up (Engine)
LEE1-Up (Engine)
DPF1-Up (Engine)
LEF1-Up (Engine)
9DG1-Up (Engine)
YPG1-Up (Engine)
EGH1-Up (Engine)
1AJ1-Up (Engine)
MBJ1-Up (Engine)
8YL 1-Up (Engine)
FML 1-Up (Engine)
KAL 1-Up (Engine)
MBL 1-Up (Engine)
1 MM1-Up (Engine)
CKM1-Up (Engine)
FMM1-Up (Engine)
MBN1-Up (Engine)
CJP1-Up (Engine)
CRP1-Up (Engine)
HEP1-Up (Engine)
MDP1-Up (Engine)
MEP1-Up (Engine)
SAP1-Up (Engine)
SDP1-Up (Engine)
2KS1-Up (Engine)
2WS1-Up (Engine)
3CS1-Up (Engine)
7AS1-Up (Engine)
BXS1-Up (Engine)
C7S1-Up (Engine)
MXS1-Up (Engine)
NXS1-Up (Engine)
C7T1-Up (Engine)
WAX1-Up (Engine)
6NZ1-Up (Engine)
7CZ1-Up (Engine)
8SZ1-Up (Engine)
9SZ1-Up (Engine)

Manual Covers :

Specification :
Specifications Section
Systems Operation Section
Troubleshooting Section
Troubleshooting with a Diagnostic Code
Diagnostic Functional Tests
Testing and Adjusting Section
Testing and Adjusting
Index Section
Disassembly and Assembly Section :
Fuel Priming Pump - Remove and Install
Fuel Filter Base - Remove
Fuel Filter Base- Disassemble
Fuel Filter Base Install
Fuel Transfer Pump Remove
Fuel Transfer Pump Install
Electronic Unit Injector Remove
Electronic Unit Injector Install
Electronic Unit Injector Sleeve Remove
Electronic Unit Injector Sleeve Install
Turbocharger Disassemble
Turbocharger Remove
Turbocharger Assembl
Turbocharger Install
Exhaust Manifold Removan dInstall
Inlet and Exhuast Valve Springs Remove and Install
Inlet and Exhaust Valve Guides Remove and Install
Inlet and Exhuast Valve Seat Inserts Remove and Install
Inlet and Exhaust Valve Seals Remove and Install
Engine Oil Fitler Base Remove
Engine Oil Filter Base Disassemble
Engine Oil Filter Base Assemble
Engine Oil Filter Base Install
Engine Oil Cooler Remove
Engine Oil Cooler Disassemble
Engine Oil Cooler Assemble
Engine Oil Cooler Install
Engine Oil Pump Remove
Engine Oil Pump Disassemble
Engine Oil Pump Assemble
Engine Oil Pump Install
Water Pump Remove
Water Pump Disassemble
Water Pump Assemble
Water Pump Install
Water Temperature Regulator Remove and Install
Engine Support (Front) Remove and Install
Flywheel Remove
Flywheel Install
Crankshaft Rear Seal Remove
Crankshaft Rear Seal Install
Flywheel Housing Remove and Install
Vibration Damper and Pulley Remove and Install
Crankshaft Front Seal Remove
Crankshaft Front Seal Install
Front Cover Remove
Front Cover Install
Gear Group Remove
Gear Group Install
Housing (Front) Remove
Housing (Front) Install
Accessory Drive Remove
Accessory Drive Disassemble
Accessory Drive Assembly
Accessory Drive Install
Valve Mechanism Cover Remove and Install
Valve Mechanism Cover Base Remove and Install
Compression Brake Remove
Compression Brake Disassemble
Compression Brake Assemble
Compression Brake Install
Rocker Arm and Shaft Remove
Rocker Arm Disassemble
Rocker Arm Assemble
Rocker Arm and Shaft Install
Cylinder Head Remove
Cylinder Head Install
Camshaft Remove
Camshaft Install
Camshaft Gear Remove and Install
Camshaft Bearings Remove
Camshaft Bearings Install
Engine Oil Pan Remove and Install
Cylinder Liner Remove
Cylinder Liner Install
Piston Cooling Jets Remove and Install
Pistons and Connecting Rods Remove
Pistons and Connecting Rods Disassemble
Pistons and Connecting Rods Assemble
Pistons and Connecting Rods Install
Connecting Rod Bearings Remove
Connecting Rod Bearings Install
Crankshaft Main Bearings Remove
Crankshaft Main Bearings Install
Crankshaft Remove
Crankshaft Install
Bearing Clearance Check
Brakesaver Remove
Brakesaver Disassemble
Brakesaver Assemble
Brakesaver Install
Brakesaver Engine Oil Pan Remove and Install
Brakesaver Engine Oil Pump Remove
Brakesaver Engine Oil Pump Disassemble
Brakesaver Engine Oil Pump Assemble
Brakesaver Engine Oil Pump - Install
Brakesaver Control Valve Remove
Brakesaver Control Valve - Disassemble
Brakesaver Control Valve Assemble
Brakesaver Control Valve Install
Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Remove and Install
Camshaft Position Sensor Remove and Install
Crankshaft Position Sensor Remove and Install
Coolant Temperature Sensor Remove and Install
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Remove and Install
Fuel Temperature Sensor Remove and Install
Boost Pressure Sensor Remove and Install
Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Remove and Install
Belt Tensioner Remove and Install
Fan Drive Remove
Fan Drive Disassemble
Fan Drive Assemble
Fan Drive Install
Engine Control Module Remove and Install
Electric Starting Motor Remove and Install
Air Compressor Remove and Install
Air Compressor Drive Gear Remove
Air Compressor Drive Gear- Install
Parts Manual :
C15 Industrial Engine
Product and Dealer Information
General Information
Repair Alternatirves
Supplemental Coolant Additives
Maintenance Parts
Engine Arrangement
Basic Engine :
Actuator Gp-Valve
Adapter GP-Engine to TMSN
Adapter GP-Flywheel
Adapter GP-Oil Pan Drain
Adapter GP-Pump Drive
Air Compressor GP
Base GP-Valve Cover and INJ Harn
Belt Tightener GP
Clutch GP
Cover GP-Cylinder Block
Cover GP-Flywheel Housing
Cover GP-Front Housing
Cover GP-Valve Mechanism
Crankshaft GP
Cylinder Block AS
Cylinder Block GP
Cylinder Head AS
Cylinder Block GP
Damper and Pulley GP
Damper GP
Drain GP-Engine Oil
Drive GP-Accessory
Drive GP-Fan
Drive GP-Power Take-Off
Drive GP-Pump
Engine Brake GP
Fastener GP-Alternator
Fastener GP-Engine
Fastener GP-Flywheel Housing
Fastener GP-Front Cover
Fastener GP-Front Housing
Fastener GP-Oil Pan
Fastener GP-Sound
Fastener GP-Valve Mechanism
Flywheel GP
Gear GP-Camshaft
Gear GP-Front
Gear GP-Rear
Governor GP-Air Compressor
Guard GP-Belt
Guard GP-Damper
Housing GP-Flywheel
Housing GP-Front
Kit-Crankshaft Bearing
Lifting GP-Engine
Lines GP-Air Compressor
Mechanism GP-Fuel Pump and Valve
Mounting GP-Air Compressor
Mounting GP-Alternator
Mounting GP-Alternator and Compressor
Pan GP-Oil
Piston and Rod GP
Plug GP-Cylinder Block
Plug GP-Cylinder Head
Plug GP-Engine
Plug GP-Flywheel Housing
Plug GP-Oil Pan
Power Take-Off GP
Pulley GP
Pulley GP-Auxiliary Drive
Pulley GP-Crankshaft
Pulley GP-Engine
Pump GP-Gear
Rocker Arm GP
Seal GP-Crankshaft
Support GP Engine
Support GP-Power Take-Off
Trunnion GP-Engine
V-Belt Set
Lubrication System :
Base GP-Oil Filter
Fastener GP-Oil Pump Mounting
Filler GP-Engine Oil
Filter GP-Engine Oil
Fumes Disposal GP
Gauge As-Oil Level
Gauge GP-Oil Level
Guide GP-Oil Level Gauge
Lines GP-Engine Oil
Lines GP-Oil
Lines GP-Turbocharger Oil
Mounting GP-Oil Level Gauge
Pump GP-Engine Oil
Cooling System :
Adapter GP-Fan
Coolant Conditioner GP
Core GP-Oil Cooler
Element GP-Coolant
Fan GP-Blower
Fan GP-Suction
Fastern GP-Oil Cooler
Fastener GP-Water Lines
Fastener GP-WAter Pump
Fitting GP-Water Lines
Flange GP-TMSN Oil Cooler
Heat Exchanger GP-Sea Water
Lines GP-WAter
Pug GP-Water Lines
Pump GP-Water
Radiator GP
Air Inlet and Exhaust System :
Adapter GP-Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner GP
Cap AS-Rain
Connection GP-Exhaust
Cover GP-Air Inlet
Elbow GP-Air Inlet
Elbow GP-Exhaust
Fitting GP-Exhaust
Flange GP-Exahust
Hose-Air Inlet
Kit-Exhaust Parts
Lines GP-Air
Lines GP-Turbocharger
Manifold GP-Exhaust
Muffler GP
Muffler GP-Spakr Arrestor
Pipe Gp-Exahust
Precleaner GP
Shield GP-Heat
Shield GP-Manifold
Shutoff GP-Air
Turbocharger GP
Fuel System :
Base GP-Fuel Filter
Cooler GP-Fuel
Core AS-Fuel Cooler
Fastener GP-Fuel Lines
Filter GP-Fuel
Filter GP-Water Sep and Fuel
Fitting GP-Fuel Lines
Fitting GP-Quick Disconnect
Lines GP-Flexible Fuel
Lines GP-Fuel
Lines Gp-Fuel Filter
Manifold GP-Fuel
Pump and MTG GP-Fuel Transfer
Pump GP-Fuel Injection
Pump GP-Fuel PRM and PRIM Filter
Pump GP-Fuel PRM and Sec Filter
Shutoff GP-Manual
Valve GP-Check
Valve GP-Fuel Bypass
Valve GP-Relief
Water Sep and Fuel PRM Pump GP
Electrical and Starting System :
Alternator GP-Charging
Battery GP
Cable GP-Battery
Connection GP-Electrical
Control And MTG GP-Engine Elek
Control GP-Auto Start and Stop
Control GP-Engine Speed
Control GP-Remote Speed
Converter GP-Electrical
Fastener GP-Engine Wiring
Fastener GP-Wiring Harness
Harness AS-Panel
Harness AS- Sensor
Harness AS-Wiring
Heater GP-Jacket Water
Lubricator GP-Air Motor
Module GP-Interface
Mounting GP-Circuit Breaker
Mounting GP-Jacket WTF
Mounting GP-Sensor
Sensor GP-Coolant Level
Sensor GP-Engine
Sensor GP-Liquid Level
Sensor GP-Position
Sensor GP-Pressure
Sensor GP-Speed
Sensor GP-Temperature
Silencer-Air Starting
Starting Aid GP-Ether
Starting Motor GP-Air
Starting Motor GP-Electric
Support GP-Battery
Switch GP-Magnetic
Switch GP-Remote Starting
Switch GP-Start
Switch GP-Toggle
Valve GP-Air Starting
Valve GP-Ether Starting
Wiring GP-Electronic Control
Wiring GP-Engine
Wiring GP-Engine Electronic
Wiring GP-Sensor
Wiring GP-Unit Injector
Operation Station :
Ammeter GP
Box GP-Instrument Panel
Control GP-Engine Monitoring
Control GP-Unprgmed Monitor
Gauge GP-Coolant
Gauge GP-Engine Oil Pressure
Gauge GP-Fuel Pressure
Moduel GP-Display
Mounting GP-Instrument Panel
Mounting GP-Tachometer
Panel GP-Instrument
Plug GP-Instrument Panel
Tachometer GP-Electric
Voltmeter GP
Transmission :
Pump GP-Charge
Hydraulic System :
Actuator GP-Pump
Rotating GP-Pump
Valve GP-Pump
Valve GP-Pump Control
Enclosures, Guards and Bases :
Base GP-Engine
Mounting AS-Vibration
Panel GP-Sound Suppression
Service Equipment and Supplies :
Chart-Plate and Film
Kit-Fuel Priming Pump
Plate GP-Identification
Pump GP
Pump GP-Hydraulic
Prime Package :
Mounting GP-Pump
Pump and Moutning GP
Pump and MTG GP-Hydraulic
Part Number Index
Service Manual SERR9700 :
Product Safety
Contents for Service Manual SERR9700
Torque Specifications for all Caterpillar Products
C11 and C13 On-Highway Engines :
Engine Design
Fuel Transfer Pump
Electronic Unit Injector
Electronic Unit Injector Mechanism
Electronic Unit Injector Rocker Arm
Electronic Unit Injector Wiring
Lifter Group
Rocker Shaft
Valve Mechanism
Cylinder Head Valves
Cylinder Head
CAT Compression Brake
Air Lines
Exhaust Manifold
Engine Oil Filter Base
Engine Oil Cooler
Engine Oil Pump
Engine Oil Pan
Water Temperature Regulator Housing
Water Temperature Regulator
Water Pump
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Liner
Cylinder Liner Projection
Crankshaft Seals
Connecting Rod Bearing Journal
Main Bearing Journal
Connecting Rod
Piston and Rings
Piston Cooling Jet
Gear Group
Flywheel Housing
Engine To Transmission Adapter
Belt Tensioner
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Fuel Temperature Sensor
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
Boost Pressure Sensor
Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
Inlet Manifold Temperature Sensor
Speed/Timing Sensor
Systems Operation Section
Testing and Adjusting Section
Air Inlet and Exahust System
Lubrication System
Cooling System
Basic Engine
Compression Brake
Electrical System
Index Section
Disassembly and Assembly Section
Troubleshooting Index :
Electronic Troubleshooting
Programming Parameters
Customer Specified Parameters
System Configuration Parameters
Troubleshooting without a Diagnostic Code
Troubleshooting with a Diagnostic Code
Calibration Procedures
Attachments Index :
Installation and Operation of the Caterpillar Messenger Drive Information Display
On-Highway Engines Electronic PTO Installation and Application Guide
Electrical Schematic Index :
C11 and C13 On-Highway Truck Engines Electrical System
Maintenance Index :
Safety Messages
General Hazard Information
Bum Prevention
Fire Prevention and Explosion Prevention
Crushing Prevention and Cutting Prevention
Mounting and Dismounting
Before Starting Engine
Engine Starting
Engine Stopping
Electrical System
Engine Electronics
General Information
Model Views
Product Identification Information
Lifting and Storage
Gauges and Indicators
Features and Controls
Engine Diagnostics
Engine Starting
Engine Operation
Engine Stopping
Cold Weather Operation
Refill Capacities
Warranty Information
Customer Service
Reference Materials
One Safe Source :
Air Intake and Exhaust Systems
Batteries and Electrical Parts
Ground Engaging Tools-Backhoe Loader
Ground Engaging Tools-Bulldoyers/Compactors
Gound Engaging Tools-Compact Construction Equipment
Ground Engaging Tools-Excavator
Ground Engaging Tools-Loaders
Ground Engaging Tools-Motor Graders
Ground Engaging Tools-Paving Products
Ground Engaging Tools-Rippers/Scarifiers
Ground Engaging Tools-Scraper
Hose and Couplings
Operator Conveniences
Preventative Maintenance Products
Remanufactured Products
Tools and Shop Supplies
Dealer Service Tool Catalog :
Diagnostic Tools
Air Conditioning Tools
Engine Tools
Power Train Tools
Hose Assembly Tools
Undercarriage Tools
Vehicle Tools
Major Equipment
Cleaning Equipment
Fuel Injection Pump Cleaning
Pressure Washers
Blasting Equipment
Miscellaneous Equipment
Floor Maintenance Equipment
Diagnostic Tool Repair
Policies and Procedures
Authorized Cat Dealer Service Tool Repair Center
Diagnostic Tools Repaired by Suppliers
Europe,Middle East and Africa
Diagnostic Tool Repair Centers
Nomenclature Index
Part Number Index
Shop Supples and Tools :
Shop Supplies and Tools Catalog
Dealer Introduction
Hand Tools
Shop Supplies
Shop Equipment
Nomenclature Inde
Part Number Index
Battery Cross Reference Guide :
Catterpillar Batteries
Cross Reference Guide 2004
Battery Care and Maintenance Guide
Application Section
Caterpillar Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Farm Equipment
Trucks and Buses
Passenger Cars
Lawn and Garden/Small Engine
BCI Group Numbers and Dimensions
Assembly Numbers, Cell Layours and Terminals
Group Size to Caterpillar
Cross Reference and Substitution Chart
Battery Specification Sheet
Cat Diagnostic Codes
Labor Requirement Guide C11 C13 C15 2004 Acert
Labor Requirement Guide C7 C9 C13 C15 2007 Acert
Cat Training Files :
Engine Diagnostics
Fuel System
C15 On-Highway Truck Engine Electrical Sytem
Operation and Maintenance Manual C13 C15 On-Highway Engines
Acert Training
C15 On-Highway Schematic
Diesel Fuel and Diesel Fuel Systems
C15- Parts Manual
This manual is the same as the manual used by workshops. Service Manual contains detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures.

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Format: PDF
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